Free Range Humans

Our next production is coming up in early June 2021. Check back soon for the official announcement!

Past Productions

"Risqué, engaging, and full of magnetic life that draws you inexplicably down the darkened path of these characters, Murder Ballad is a thrilling musical shocker that sets a high bar for Free Range Humans as its first production."

"Staging adult productions, and engaging in all the conversations that might ensue, was one of the explicit goals of director Elizabeth Lucas when she started her new local theatre company, Free Range Humans… The ensemble has a history of unconventional pieces."

"This evening was a delightful, sentimental, and thrilling treat to experience the amazing music of the incomparable Patsy Cline...Having the gift of experiencing an intimate yet comprehensive journey through the life and music of one of the most tragic losses of a generation is priceless."

"Free Range Humans is bringing you a deliciously devious rendering of Jekyll & Hyde, unlike you’ve ever seen, felt, heard, or experienced it before. Remarkably transcendent, this highly immersive production of Jekyll & Hyde explores the essential narrative with an overwhelming emotional through-line while flinging audiences into the throng of the show’s heartbeat as it races and explodes from start to finish."