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Stage Direction & Production
Circus Arts
Dungeons & Dragons
Costume & Set Design
Writing & Game Design
Puppetry & Crafting

Free Range Teens performing arts programs give students a platform where they can refine skills, initiate projects, and work as part of a team in a social, supportive, and creative environment. Is there something they want that you don’t see? EMAIL US! We have a wide range of expertise available to call on. 

Teen Night

Creative collaboration is our Monday Teen Night focus, where students Grades 7+ explore a variety of topics with both guidance and leadership opportunity. Students are invited to stop in for a single topic or stay for the whole evening.

4:45pm Warm Up
5:00pm Theatre Production & Direction
5:00pm Writing Circle
5:00pm Circus Arts with Theatricks
5:30pm Design, Puppetry, & Crafting
6:00pm Dungeons & Dragons
6:00pm Improv
7:00pm Acting

Once a topic is launched, students are welcome to stick with it til the end of the evening, jump between activities, or head home when they need to.

  • Designers, Directors, & Production Students who wish to participate in the design or production of INTO THE WOODS Jr, MADAGASCAR Jr, THE LIGHTNING THIEF, or DRAGONS LOVE TACOS should regularly attend the 5pm Production and/or 5:30pm Design launch times.
  • Writers can use the time to share and give feedback like a traditional writers circle, but we will also offer prompts for group projects and will teach topics of interest to the students, including playwriting, screenwriting, world building, branched narrative, game design, journalism, and anything else of interest, bringing in guest teachers as requested.
  • Dungeons & Dragons has limited capacity. If you are signing up for that, please let us know in your registration.
  • Puppetry & Crafting students will have access to a wide range of supplies, plus a Cricut Cutter and Sewing Machine upon training or proof of skill. Students using the Cricut cutter must provide their own vinyl.
  • Acting, Directing, and Writing students will be encouraged to work together on projects during the year. There is nothing we would love more than to launch a Student New Play Festival.

Students may participate in optional showcases in December and May, which can include anything created by the students, from scenes and songs to craft faires to book readings. The vision for the showcases will be student-led.

Teen Night students are welcome to continue work on group projects together in the venue with advance permission at most other times we are open.

Not all topics may be held every week, according to student interest. Where there is interest, student-led group projects, such as play production and group writing projects, will be encouraged. Students are always welcome to play chess and other board games, study, and read. Some mature and focused 6th graders may be allowed with special permission.

Taught by Jake Young, Gena Lohr, & Elizabeth Lucas, with special guests as topics are requested by students.

Teen Night

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How do you define “Teen”?

Our Teen-specific classes are geared towards Grades 7 and up. Mature and sincerely interested 6th graders may participate in Teen programs with permission in advance. EMAIL us to discuss your student.

Design & Production Opportunities for Teen Night Students

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Acting & Performance

In addition to the acting and improv classes provided during Teen Night, teens are welcome to join us for any and all of the following:

Wednesdays, Sep 14-Nov 2 (8 Sessions), 4:30p-5:30p
Bring what you’re working on to this weekly coaching or come as you are and we’ll find the right material for you. Primarily focused on songs and monologs, this class is a great way to refine your audition material. Taught by Elizabeth Lucas

Tuesdays, Jan 24-Mar 14 (8 Sessions), 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Learn how to pop on the screen using tools and techniques that are completely different from stage acting. Acting students will have priority opportunity to audition for the Intermediate Filmmaking Class spring projects. Taught by Christine Mosere

Mon-Fri, Apr 10-14 (5 days), 6:00p-8:00p
Focusing on ensemble and devised theatre techniques, students will develop a show together.

Visit the PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES page for more information.
INTO THE WOODS Jr, Sep 14-Nov 19

Acting Classes

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Performing in Productions

Intermediate Filmmaking

5:00pm to 6:00pm Class
6:00pm to 7:30pm Optional Time

The program for intermediate students is a year-long arc where we break down making movies into all the parts, from writing, design, and production planning, to being on set, to editing and post, with the goal of making a refined short film by the end of the school year.

Optional Time is for Production Time, Editing, & Film Screening. Students may join the Beginning Students if they wish. During the winter session, students will be encouraged to assist in the Acting for Screen class to learn and practice framing and actor coaching.

The intermediate class will include some production time off-site in the spring. This will be scheduled at the convenience of the students and will require parent chaperones to participate.

Students who wish to join late must discuss with us before signing up.

Taught by Elizabeth Lucas, with guest specialists for some topics

Intermediate Filmmaking

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CIRCUS ARTS with Theatricks

Thursdays, 7:00p-8:00p

Take Circus Arts as part of Teen Night, or with our regular class on Thursdays. Why Circus Arts? While you might pick up a skill or two to impress your friends, circus arts are more than party tricks. Our partner organization, Theatricks, promotes life skills through the practice and performance of circus arts. 

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – Theatricks embraces the philosophy that there is something for everyone, regardless of skill set.
  • SELF-DISCIPLINE – Students develop self-discipline and perseverance in facing daily challenges presented to them.
  • TEAMWORK – We create a culture of teamwork in which all students play an equally valuable role.
  • SELF-EXPRESSION – Circus training creates an outlet for managed risk taking, creativity and team building.

CIRCUS ARTS with Theatricks

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