Free Range Humans

Safety Precautions

We have different policies for different kinds of events due to the significant difference in crowd density. Here’s what we’re doing to keep you, your kids, and our kids, safe during the pandemic:


  • Our performers are vaccinated and will perform without masks unless local regulations change to require them.
  • Audience members must remain masked at all times.
  • Performers will remain distanced from the audience and will not be available for general meet and greet after the show.
  • If the positivity rate dips below 3%, we will reevaluate our masking policy. Frederick County stats are here: Frederick County Government Website.
  • Audience seating will be assigned with distancing between parties. If you wish to sit with someone, you must let us know when you order your ticket.
  • We will not ask audience vaccination status.


  • Masking is required.
  • Our staff and teachers will remain masked.
  • We are continuing to maintain social distancing.
  • We ask students to further distance themselves when snacking.
  • We continue to cap most classes at 12 students. Exceptions are for classes where spacing is possible and interaction is at a minimum (i.e. crafting)
  • We clean high touch surfaces regularly.
  • Our rooftop HVAC unit serves only our space and vents to fresh outside air, ensuring our air is not shared with any potentially contaminated spaces.
  • You can go from your car all the way into our venue without touching anything if you enter via the sliding doors at the back of the mall near the swimming pool.
  • We have a dedicated in-store restroom.
  • We make hand sanitizer, wipes, and spare masks available throughout the venue.


  • For private events, parties, and custom classes, masking policy is at your discretion. 
  • Our staff and teachers will remain masked.

We will continue to update these policies as the pandemic situation changes. If we do change any of these policies in a way that is no longer acceptable to you, we will issue a refund.


Do not come in to class if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick.

If you need to miss a class for any reason and would like a refund, let us know and we will refund that class pro rata, no questions asked. We want to you stay home if you’re sick, and do not want finances to influence your decision.

Any class that is cancelled will be immediately refunded.