Toddler Skeleton


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Our Skeleton 2 piece set is great for Halloween or just some spooky dress ups. The silver bones are stitched on the fabric and shimmer in the light. A very comfortable costume that will last many years. This Toddler size will fit ages 1-3yrs Available is sizes (XS- 1 to 3yrs) (S-3 to 4yrs) (M-4 to 6yrs) (L-6 to 8yrs) Please note XS is incorrectly labeled on the costume as XXS Our Dress Ups are made using the most beautiful fabrics, they are comfortable to wear and they hold a special charm of their own. Each gorgeous piece is a work of art with handmade applique and gorgeous trimmings. These amazing costumes are designed to last and to be handed down to reduce our Footprint on this beautiful earth through recycling.