Free Range Humans

8 Inch Tall Premium Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle With Interior Animal Shapes


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【GREAT DESIGN AND DETAILS】Wooden puzzles for adults offer rich print quality and intricate laser cut parts. Each magic wood puzzle has its own unique shape and is highly complex to assemble. All parts are made of wood, so you can feel the woody aroma.
【SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES】Use wooden animal shaped puzzles to relieve stress after a long day at work, or let your kids or parents train their problem-solving and thinking skills with these wooden puzzles. This is great for the whole family!
【Gifts Everyone Will Love】Looking for a thoughtful birthday or holiday gift? These unique wooden puzzles are perfect! A gift that will surprise you and stay in your memory. Each puzzle comes in a premium gift box!
【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】Wooden puzzles are made of formaldehyde free wood, archival quality paper and stained and finished protective coatings. Save them for decades, and when you’ve completed your unique puzzle, you can hang them in your living room as elegant decorations.