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2 LED Light Saber Connectable Laser Sword


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2 LED Light Up Swords: There are 2 LED Light Up Swords! Each light-up sword measures 28.7 inches in length. There is one green sword, one blue sword, and a double-blade dual connector. Built-in Sound Effects: The LED Light Up Swords come with realistic sound effects! Push the upper button of the handle to activate glowing light effects that come with a humming sound. Press the bottom switch to activate the flashing mode that comes with battling sounds. Bright Glowing Blades: Grip an LED light-up sword in hand to battle against the evildoers! Villains will scram when they hear the fierce clanging sound and see the bright glowing blades (6 AAA batteries are included). Transformable Blade: The 2 light-up swords can be connected with a double-blade dual connector to create a double-bladed light-up sword! Galaxy Themed: Perfect for Galaxy-themed parties, dress-up parties, science fiction props, costume accessories, events, birthday gifts, and more! (Recommended for ages 5+).