Free Range Humans



Our Pre-Professional program is tailored to each student accepted to the program and involves a mix of observing/assisting/understudying on Free Range Humans professional productions, taking on leadership roles in Free Range Kids & Teens programs, individualized coaching and assignments, and introductions, where possible, to appropriate industry mentors. Performers who wish to enter the program will be required to audition. 

Upon acceptance we will mutually agree on a scope for the program that best matches your interests with our activities. The base fee for the program is $300 for the school year, which may go up or down based on need, volunteer hours, length/scope of program, and individualized attention required. Pre-Professional Students are welcome to attend any Free Range Teens classes and Free Range Humans events that aren’t at capacity for no additional charge.

To apply, please EMAIL us your resume and/or a brief description of your interests. There is no fee to apply. All sincere applicants will be interviewed.