Improv & Creative Studio

Acting & Improv | Stage Direction & Production | Filmmaking |
Costume & Set Design | Writing & Game Design | Puppetry & Crafting

Grades 6+
Mondays, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Creative collaboration is the focus of our Monday night series Improv & Creative Studio, a platform where students can refine skills, initiate projects, and work as part of a team in a social, supportive, and creative environment.

The evening kicks off with an hour of Improv class, followed by an hour of student-led creative projects that have ranged from short plays and films to crafting and costumes to escape room design. Alternate activities are available for students who do not wish to participate in Improv.

Creative Studio Students are welcome to work independently in our venue any time we are open and space allows to continue projects initiated during Creative Studio.

Taught by Jake Young & Elizabeth Lucas, with special guests as topics are requested by students.


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