Design & Crafting

Scenic, Puppetry, Costume, Fashion, Crafts

Our visual arts programming focuses on arts that serve storytelling, from basic drawing at the youngest ages, to full on set and costume design/build for our older students. We also offer workshops on design specialities, and will grow those into regular programs where there is enough interest.

Production Design – Sign up for Teen Night and/or to be on the design team for one of our productions.

Themed Crafting – Reserve a craft, then visit during one of our crafting sessions and we’ll help you make it.

Ages 4 to 8-CRAFTING KIDS, Saturdays 10:45a-11:30a


Visual Arts & Crafting

Santa’s Workshop is coming in December! We’ll help kids make personalized gifts for the special people in their lives. Dates are on the calendar. Stay tuned for registration!

Themed crafting sessions are offered every month, with a variety of options available at each crafting session. 

Production Design

For the seriously interested student, we encourage you to sign up for the Design Team of one of our productions. Students get hands-on experience and one-on-one guidance on conceiving story-driven designs and taking them all the way through completion, learning how to be a creative collaborator along the way.

Teens interested in design are encouraged to sign up for Teen Night, where we open up for three hours every Monday and teens are welcome to try a variety of our creative offerings dig into the craft workshop for the entire evening. We meet about theatre design projects during this time.

Specialty Workshops

We’ve offered workshops in Puppetry, Fashion Design, Costume Building, Figure Drawing, and Make-Up Design. We want to offer Cosplay and a lot more Puppetry. Stay tuned for more additions to the calendar. Is there something you would definitely sign up for? EMAIL us to let us know!