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Circus Arts & Variety

Coordination, Self-Discipline, Cool Tricks, & Fun

Showmanship, confidence, coordination, and focus are all valuable lifelong skills learned by studying variety arts such as Circus, Magic, Stage Combat, and Clowning. We are so grateful to be partnering with the nonprofit organization Theatricks, a Frederick fixture for the last 25 years teaching Confidence & Social Skills thru Circus Arts.

The Fall Session Showcase is November 17th at 7:30pm. If you’re thinking of joining the class in the winter, come see it!

Thursdays, 7:00p-8:00p
Ages 6-17, Grown Ups with Kids Welcome

Why Circus Arts? While you might pick up a skill or two to impress your friends, circus arts are more than party tricks. Our partner organization, Theatricks, promotes life skills through the practice and performance of circus arts.

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – Theatricks embraces the philosophy that there is something for everyone, regardless of skill set.
  • SELF-DISCIPLINE – Students develop self-discipline and perseverance in facing daily challenges presented to them.
  • TEAMWORK – We create a culture of teamwork in which all students play an equally valuable role.
  • SELF-EXPRESSION – Circus training creates an outlet for managed risk taking, creativity and team building.

Bring the whole family! The Thursday night class is open to students and their caregivers!


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Want to try some variety arts in the context of a show? Join CIRCUS! BUBBLE! MAGIC! or MADAGASCAR JR. Both shows are in partnership with Theatricks and will have ample opportunity for variety hijinks.

Stay tuned! We are actively seeking to grow programs in Magic, Stage Combat, and other variety arts.