If you are interested in auditioning for any of our upcoming productions, sign up for an audition time. No show will be fully cast before January 27th, even if rehearsals will have started.

No auditions are necessary for FROSTY FAIRY TALES. Just sign up!

MADAGASCAR JR is cast, but you can still sign up for Young Ensemble, Design Team, & Crew

GAME SHOW: Student-Designed Competitions

Type of Show: Variety Game Show

Are there prizes? Yes!

Host. We are looking for charismatic, friendly performers who are quick on their feet to host up to eight game show editions designed by students for students. Host(s) are encouraged to be part of the design team. Hosts should match the age group of contestants or older.
Contestants. Students with enthusiasm for Improv, Storytelling, Fashion, Dress Up, Creative Movement, Dance, or Singing to compete in a series of challenges for prizes. 

Audition Requirements:
Host must audition to be considered. Prepare three jokes and one personal story. The story does not have to be true, but it has to be convincing. Improvisation will also be part of the audition.
Contestants. Just sign up for the Game Show Edition that is the best fit for you! First come first served. 

Design/Production Team: Grades 4+

Skill Level: Each Game Show theme, improvisation, design, movement, and singing, has an elementary and a middle school+ edition. Depending on the number of qualified performers who audition, hosts will appear in two to four editions.

Maximum Enrollment: 3 Performers, 8 Design/Production Team 

Scroll down for Audition Sign Up Form.

CLUE: Comedic Play Based on the Movie

Type of Show: Comedic Play

Performers: For the serious actor ready to push their skills. If you’ve seen the movie, you understand why CLUE is an actors dream – hilarious, detailed, challenging fun. This production we’re going deep on acting, comedy, and physical theatre technique. Grades 6+. Disciplined and highly interested 5th graders may audition.  

Audition RequirementsPlease choose two sides from the links below and be prepared to read them. You are encouraged to memorize the sides and make strong character choices. 

Design/Production Team: Grades 6+

Skill Level: Students are expected to make the most of this opportunity, getting off book as quickly as possible so we can work on ensemble, timing, physicality, and great acting. We don’t require students to have extensive experience, just a great attitude and the desire to act the heck out of this very fun, but challenging, script.  

Maximum Enrollment: 12 Performers, 8 Design/Production Team

Last Day to Audition: February 4

Scroll down for Character Breakdown, Sides, and Schedule.

Madagascar Jr Schedule

Wed, Jan 18, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Jan 22, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Jan 25, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Jan 29, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Feb 1, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Feb 5, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Feb 8, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Feb 12, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Feb 15, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Feb 19, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Feb 22, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Feb 26, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Mar 1, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 5, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Mar 8, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 12, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Mar 15, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 19, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Mar 22, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 26, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Mar 29, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal, Add Young Ensemble

Sun, Apr 2, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Apr 5, 5:30-7:30pm – Rehearsal

Fri, Apr 7, 11am-4pm – Rehearsal & Build Day

Sun, Apr 16, 10am-12pm – Madagascar Jr Build Day

Sun, Apr 16, 12-2pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Apr 19, 5-8pm – Rehearsal

Fri, Apr 21, 5:00pm – Call Time

Fri, Apr 21, 6:30-7:30pm – SHOW: Madagascar Jr.

Sat, Apr 22 2-3pm – SHOW: Madagascar Jr.

Sat, Apr 22 6pm+ – Party

Sat, Apr 22 5-6pm – Show: Madagascar Jr. 5-6pm

Sun, Apr 23 10am-1:30pm – Madagascar strike/clue build day 10am-1:30pm

Alex, the lion, is the main attraction at the Central Park Zoo and undoubtedly “The King of New York City.” Alex's devotion to steak is matched only by devotion to friends. A fun-loving showman who is happy with the way things are. | Vocal range: A3 to Eb5 | Strong Singing Required

Marty is a zebra with dreams of exploring beyond the confines of the Central Park Zoo and into the wild. A great friend and complement to Alex. | Vocal range: A3 to D5 | Strong Singing Required

Gloria, the hippopotamus, is the caretaker of the friend group, practical and caring. | Vocal range: Eb4 to E5 | Singing and Comedy Required

Melman is a kind-hearted giraffe who is a bit of a hypochondriac, but will rise to the situation for friends. | Vocal range: E3 to Db5 | Singing and Comedy Required

The Penguins
The Penguins are a group of birds on a mission: bust out of the zoo and return home to Antarctica. Skipper serves as the captain of the group, giving orders with ease and command. Kowalski is Skipper’s second-in-command and a dutiful one at that. Rico is the brute of the group and can karate chop anything in sight. Private’s primary job in the group is to maintain the cute and fuzzy disguise. | Comedy and Ensemble Acting Required

The Zookeepers
Zookeeper Zelda, Zookeeper Zeke and Zookeeper Zoe introduce the crowds to all the sights and attractions of the Central Park Zoo with excitement and passion for the animals. | Vocal range: G4 to B3 | Strong Singing and Enthusiastic Personality Required

Mason is a chimpanzee with a bone to pick: though highly intelligent, his species seems to get a bad reputation for being simpleminded, and he takes that quite personally. | Bold Acting Choices Required

The Lemurs
The Lemurs are a wild band of creatures native to Madagascar trying desperately to avoid being eaten by the cat-like creatures called the Fossa. King Julien is the leader and sings, dances, and acts. Maurice is King Julien’s advisor who is not so welcoming to Madagascar’s new inhabitants. Mort is the littlest of the Lemurs, who can barely speak. Lynn, Lew, Lee and Lars have bold personalities. | Vocal range: B4 to A3

The Foosa
The Foosa are cat-like predators with an appetite for Lemurs! The Foosa Leader is the biggest and baddest of the Foosa and is feared by most of the creatures in Madagascar.

Servers #1, #2 and #3 are imagined servers in Alex’s steak dreams. | Dance, Sing, & work well as a unit | Vocal range: D5 to D4

The Lionesses
The Lionesses are Alex’s background singers and dancers. | Dance Required

Additional Roles Include Camaraman, Candy Hammernose, Passerby, Old Lady, Police Officer #1 and #2, Animal Control Officers, Newspaper Man, Ship’s Captain, New Yorkers and Animals

Game Show Schedule

Hosts may or may not choose to participate with the Game Show Design Team. Hosts will be assigned two to eight shows. This is a first time program and we're still developing the details. You can be part of that conversation.

Clue Schedule

Sun, Feb 12 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Feb 19 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Feb 26 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 5 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 12 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 19 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Mar 26 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Apr 2 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Apr 16 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Apr 23 10am-1:30pm – Madagascar Strike/Clue Build Day

Sun, Apr 23 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Wed, Apr 26 5-8pm – Rehearsal

Sun, Apr 30 10am-1:30 Build Day

Sun, Apr 30 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Wed, May 3 5-8pm – Rehearsal

Sun, May 7 10am-1:30 Build Day

Sun, May 7 2:30-5pm – Rehearsal

Wed, May 10 5-8pm – Rehearsal

Fri, May 12 6:30-8pm – SHOW: Clue High School Edition

Sat, May 13 2-3:30pm – SHOW: Clue High School Edition

Sat, May 13 6:30-8pm – SHOW: Clue High School Edition

WADSWORTH – a traditional British butler in ever sense: uptight, formal and “by the book”. He is the driving force of the play.

YVETTE – a French maid with her own secret aspirations

MISS SCARLET – a dry, sardonic woman who is very interested in secrets

MRS. PEACOCK – the churchgoing wife of a senator. A bit batty, neurotic, and quick to hysteria.

MRS. WHITE – a pale, morbid, and tragic woman. She may or may not be the murderer of her five ex-husbands

COLONEL MUSTARD – a puffy, pompous, dense military man

PROFESSOR PLUM – an arrogant academic, easily impressed by himself

MR. GREEN – a timid, yet officious, rule follower. He’s a bit of a klutz and awfully anxious.

THE COOK – a gruff woman with a threatening presence

MR. BODDY – a slick, Frank Sinatra, film noir-esque fella.

ENSEMBLE FEMALE – to play: Singing telegram girl, Backup cop, others

ENSEMBLE MALE – to play: Motorist, Chief of Police, others

Please pick two sides to learn and perform. We are not concerned with gender accurate casting, so pick whatever monologs you connect with best.

Click the link and a PDF will open in a new tab.