Free Range Humans

Opening January 14th!

Be careful what you wish for… Follow fairy tale characters thru an epic romp, both gripping and funny, enchanting and real, in a story about how we remake our desires when the world suddenly changes. INTO THE WOODS twists classic fairy tales into a timeless parable of family, community, and consequence.

Recent Press

“The exhilarating and touching friendship that Walsh, as Cline, and Lawhead, as Louise, develop throughout the production is the true heart of the performance. Every instance of their bonded togetherness feels authentic through and through, and its these moments, sometimes in silly little off-handed comments between one another, that really give the show a sense of depth, without forcing the show to wallow in something gooey or overly sentimental…It’s a feel-good, clap-your-hands-n-stomp-your-feet, wonderful performance that will appeal to fans of Patsy Cline, those who’ve never heard of her, and theatre lovers everywhere.” [read more]